Steel-Framed Commercial Building Design 2006

    Steel-Framed Commercial Building Design 2006

    (May 2006, Revised February 2007)


    These design notes are a reference supplement to the CISC continuing education course on “Steel-Framed Commercial Building Design”. They contain the set of slides shown during the lectures, together with additional background information on each slide. This publication is part of a continuing effort by CISC to provide practical information to assist building designers in the efficient and economical use of structural steel.

    The notes illustrate the limit states design of a six-storey commercial building. They refer
    extensively to the National Building Code of Canada 2005 (NBC 2005) and to CAN/CSAS16-01 “Limit States Design of Steel Structures” including the S16S1-05 Supplement. In addition, there are many references to the CISC Handbook of Steel Construction, 9th Edition, 2006. This publication supersedes an earlier set of notes entitled “Steel-Framed Office Building Design Notes”.

    The example building comprises common structural steel components used in floor and roof framing, such as composite girders and open-web steel joists. The building also serves to illustrate the design of a steel braced frame to resist wind loads, in accordance with NBC 2005 and S16-01. In addition, Seismic effects are evaluated for a region of low seismicity and less than ideal site conditions using the static method.

    These design notes focus on calculations for load combinations involving gravity, wind and seismic loads and effects. It should be noted that a more comprehensive treatment of building structures where seismic loads and effects are taken into account can be found in another CISC publication entitled “Seismic Design of Steel-Framed Buildings – Design Notes”.

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